Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are a spectrum of 20 infectious diseases of the developing world, together affecting over 1 billion of the world’s most deprived people and exerting a greater burden than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV combined. Despite significant gains from public health measures against many NTDs, the battles against the protozoan NTDs, leishmaniasis and Chagas disease, are being lost – with increasing cases and mortality. Better medicines and diagnostic tools are needed; existing drugs are costly to supply and administer, have impractical treatment regimens, and are difficult to deliver to those worst affected, many of whom live in remote areas. Recognising that Chagas disease and leishmaniasis require urgent attention, our Network is responding directly to the need for drug target validation.

Leish @ York

Leish @ York showcases the research being carried out in York and provide a central point to access details of those undertaking research, current projects and publications.


JCPiL: UK:Brazil Joint Centre Partnership in Leishmaniasis

The UK:Brazil Joint Centre Partnership in Leishmaniasis (JCPiL) is a large collaborative project between UK universities (York, Durham and Glasgow) and universities in Brazil (University of São Paulo, University of Rio de Janeiro and Federal University of Piaui).

Researchers within YBRI’s Immunology, Haematology and Infection theme will work together to drive this project forward, and will fund five interrelated projects and three workshops to promote research at the interface of basic and clinical science, extend existing collaborations between UK and Brazil and develop new partnerships and interdisciplinary ways of working.